Send us your unspoken conversations. The good news you wish you could share with your loved one. The disappointing experience. The dreams you have. The event that would have been more enjoyable if only your loved one had been there to share it with you.

Our guidelines are simple:

1 — Submit your conversation of no more than 600 words (though if it goes a little over and your writing engages us we promise not to nitpick) to

2 — Your conversation can be in any form — poetry or prose, letter or stream of consciousness.

3 — Tell us the name of the person to whom you are addressing.

4 — Include a picture of an empty bench (or chair) that has some meaning or significance to you. (Please attach it as a jpeg file.)

5 — Tell us something about yourself — a blurb or bio — and your relationship to the person to whom you are speaking.

6 — While I envisioned this project as a way to grieve the loss of those who died of COVID, we won’t discriminate. If there is an empty bench in your life and a conversation that needs to be spoken, please share it with us.

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